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Whether you need a small blog or a complex ICO platform, if it needs to be connected to the internet then chances are we can take care of it. From complex software to large Datacenters, we are yet to be defeated by a task. If quality is what you seek, please send us a message and let's start discussing your project.

Our Services

Software Development

Complete website development service, from design to specialized coding.

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Consulting Services

Sharing our hard earned experience to help your idea become reality.

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Web Hosting

Have a server or a mining rig that needs to be hosted? Our facilities are waiting and our qualified staff is eager to take great care of your equipment.

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Project Planning

From engineers to top developers to expert sys admins, we are here to plan and design your next project.

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Our Featured Projects

Created by us from start to finish.

Cryptocurrency Merchant Platform

A fully functioning invoicing platform that allows merchants to easily accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. It includes a complete Invoice Management section, a Product section, a Clients section and Statistics. The platform supports different types of wallets and it is a completely trustless system: funds go straight from customers to merchant and do not pass through the platform.

Launched as a Closed Beta in Nov 2017, the merchant platform has succesfully processed invoices valued at hundreds of millions of USD.

3.5MW Mining Datacenter

In May 2018 we opened our flagship mining datacenter. Utilizing some of the best and most efficient cooling equipment in the world (Vertiv Indirect Evaporative Cooling), we achieve an excelent Mining Rig stability while having an incredible cooling efficiency (estimated yearly PUE under 1.15). This allows us to offer Datacenter grade reliability to our customers and significantly lowers our running costs.

The facility is already at max capacity. Average GPU temperature is at around 50C and average rig uptime over 99%.

Upcoming Projects

Projects that are already under development.

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