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EvobitsIT SRL is a privately owned IT company with high standards and a startup mentality!

Run by experts from different spheres, we know talent and only hire the top experts across the globe. At EvobitsIT we take pride in our work and aim for quality and customer satisfaction. We have no shareholders to dictate our direction, so the only one who we listen to is you - our customer! Your needs become our goals!

Web Hosting

Colocation, Cloud Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated servers or Private Clouds: whatever the scale, we can handle it. We operate the entire infrastructure top-to-bottom (our own Datacenters, our own Servers, our own ISP blend) and this allows us a greater degree of flexibility in the products that we offer.

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Software Development

Complete website development service, from design to specialized coding.

Our team of world-class developers, admins, technicians and designers will make sure your project is executed efficiently and utilizes the best and most suitable technologies. No need to pay top dollar to freelancers who haven't worked with one another before, when you can get the same level of expertise but in a tight team with complementing skill sets.

Backend: Go, Python, PHP, NodeJS, C++;

Frontend: ReactJS, ReactNative, Angular, VueJS;

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Project Management

From engineers to top developers to expert sys admins, we are here to plan and design your next project.

Software planning: advice on what technologies to use, what coding style best fits you, software logic design, project management

Datacenter Design: complete Datacenter project design, advice on cooling technologies and power distribution systems, capacity planning, disaster recovery planning

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Consulting Services

Sharing our hard-earned experience to help your idea become reality.

Let us help you avoid common and more niche pitfalls and benefit from our team's proficiency in myriad IT and IT-adjacent areas.

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Hardware Sales

Use our connections to get the server you need faster and cheaper. Whether you need a single server or an entire private cloud, our team is ready to help you configure your solution and offer you an extremely competitive price.

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Recent Projects

EvoBitsIT Cloud

Cloud Hosting That Works. All The Time.

With a datacenter at our disposal and our team of talented developers, we wanted to create the cloud hosting service that we always wanted to use!

Our paramount principles were simple - keep high-spec instances affordable, provide the flexibility to match most use cases, secure clients' data like we would protect our own and evolve the service as our clients' businesses evolve, by listening and acting upon their requests and actual needs! With a bit of pride, we'd say - we succeeded!

Hosting Control Panel

We developed our own easy-to-use and intuitive Hosting Control Panel that allows clients to order and manage their Openstack Cloud Instances. Powerful features like Cloud Server management, Storage Volumes, SSH Key authentication and Firewall Settings are all built in. For resellers, we provide a fully whitelabel system. This project is ongoing, and we constantly add features to it.

1.2MW Datacenter

When uptime is critical, our Datacenter 1 is the answer: Power redundancy (up to 14KW per rack, A+B Power feeds for each Rack, 2N UPS system, Generator Backup), Cooling redundancy (2N cooling, cold-aisle containment system), Modern fire suppression system using inert gas, Multiple ISPs (at least 3 independent bandwidth providers, multiple fiber routes), High security (cctv monitored, 24/7 guard security) and a capacity of 120 42U racks.

3.5MW Datacenter

Our flagship Datacenter for high compute/high power needs. Utilizing some of the best and most efficient cooling equipment in the world (Vertiv Indirect Evaporative Cooling), we achieve an excellent server stability while having an incredible cooling efficiency (yearly PUE under 1.13). This allows us to offer a high grade of reliability to our customers while significantly lowering our running costs.

Datacenter Monitoring Software

An online software that monitors different functions of a Datacenter. Get full visibility over your Cooling Units, UPSs, Power Panels, Transformers, PDUs and Servers. We provide a live view and also historical data plus snapshots of any past moment. There is also a module that forecasts the weather and the power usage of the datacenter, plus an Alerting module that sends alerts to our employees in case of issues or warnings in case of irregularities.

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