At Evobits we use a simple paradigm for understanding and building websites. We call it the "Four Elements of a Website". We use this model to help you evaluate your own site, price out new projects, and give you a better understanding of the development process.

  • Application Development Workflow
  • website design


  • custom coding


  • Application testing


  • Finale Deployment


  • 01

    Website design

    Does your website have a modern, professional look? Does it match your other marketing materials, such as business cards and brochures? Is your layout clear and is it easy for visitors to quickly understand the nature of your business, and to find what they need? At Evobits, all of our designs are 100% original and tailor made for each project.

  • 02

    Custom Coding

    Is your website outdated? Can you easily make changes to your site? At Evobits, we build custom websites allowing you unprecedented control over the content and functionality of your website. Every project will include a powerful administration panel from where you can manage every aspect of your website.

  • 03

    Application Testing

    Making sure your application runs properly is a top priority. After the initial approval of the project state, we start running a series of tests, from security to load to usability test. When we deliver a project we make sure that it is up to the highest standards possible.

  • 04

    Final Deployment

    Confused about all the web hosting offers? Why not host with us? We offer fully managed hosting solution tailored to the project needs. All our hardware is enterprise grade and 100% owned by us! Uptime is top priority and we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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