We offer a complete experience: from analyzing project requirements to hiring the workforce needed to developing and testing the application and hosting it. An all-in-one package for your online presence.

  • Application Development
  • Consultancy Services
  • Web Hosting
  • Custom Applications

    We provide custom applications written for your specific needs. Everything is tailor made from the background functionality to the user interface.

  • Performance optimization

    Our base framework is highly optimized and written with performance in mind. We use REDIS for caching and session management, optimized SQL queries, as-needed module loading and a lot of other performance oriented techniques.

  • Distributed Applications

    Too large to run on a single server? We can write a loosly-coupled application what will allow you to run modules of the application on independent servers.

  • Security oriented

    Every line of code will be analyzed by automatic tools (source code inspection and vulnerability scanning) aswell manually as by a security specialist. In addition to the standard measures (XSS, SQL Injection, CSRF, session hijack, etc.) we also include automated tools to detect and restrict application attacks (form attacks, flood attempts, spam detection).

  • Requirements Analysis

    Tell us your idea and we will tell you how to do it. We will analyze requirements, create specifications, estimate a budget and resources needed.

  • Human Resources

    Do not know who to hire? We can take care of it! Offload to us the tasks of creating job descriptions, searching for developers, testing candidates and writing detailed reports with strengths and weaknesses of every candidate. Make informed decissions on who to hire.

  • Project Management

    We can manage your project from start to finish: from creating the initial specifications to development to testing to deployment.

  • Hardware analysis

    Do not know what specifications you need? We can analyze your current usage and recommend the hardware specifications.

  • Dedicated hosting

    From custom dedicated servers to cluster solutions. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to offer it.

  • Managed Hosting

    We offer hands-off solutions. From hardware setup to OS install and custom configuration. 24/7 monitoring of critcal services and rapid intervention. We also proactively apply updates, security patches and performance tweaks based on your application usage statistics.

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