Our Services

Software Development

Complete website development service, from design to specialized coding. Technologies we most commonly use:

Backend: Go, Python, PHP, NodeJS, C++;
Frontend: ReactJS, ReactNative, Angular, VueJS;
Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch.

Consulting Services

Sharing our hard earned experience to help your idea become reality. Areas of expertese:

Software planning: advice on what technologies to use, what coding style best fits you, software logic design, project management;
Datacenter Design: complete datacenter project design, advice on cooling technologies and power distribution systems, capacity planning, disaster recovery planning;
Blockchain Advice: from merchant platforms to fidelity points system to inventory tracking; The Blockchain system presents serious advantages in several different fields when properly used.

Web Hosting

Have a server that needs to be hosted? Our facilities are waiting and our qualified staff is eager to take great care of your equipment.

Server hosting: fully managed server rental or colocation services in various locations;
Mining Rig hosting: Ethereum and Monero mining rigs (other coins are available also), flexible contracts;
Large scale Datacenters: complete facility buildout and equipment purchase for multi MegaWatt orders.

Project planning

From engineers to top developers to expert sys admins, we are here to plan and design your next project. We offer:
- analysis of requirements and defining realistic expectations;
- project planning and logic design;
- project management;